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Most hardware systems require some form of software to do anything useful, and, as it turns out, the Node Adapter and Mini-Hotspot boards are no exception.  They need firmware loaded into their microcontrollers to operate, and, once that is set up, they usually need to be connected to, and communicating with, a PC running even more software: the drivers and/or application software.


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Drivers and Tools

Here you can find the NAtools packages which are released for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux (CentOS Linux V5.3 or up, 32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.

NAtools for Windows (32-bit) V1.0.15  V1.0.14
NAtools for Windows (64-bit) V1.0.15  V1.0.14
NAtools for Linux (32-bit) V1.0.14
NAtools for Linux (64-bit) V1.0.14
NAtools Set PID tool for Windows (32-bit) V1.0.40 
NAreset (USB Reset tool) for Windows (32-bit) V1.0.2
PC-Scope for Windows (for tuning the board) V1.32
LibUSB for Win32 (depricated !) INFfiles  V0.1.12.1  V0.1.12.2

The packages for Windows systems are based on the Microsoft Installer system, and will install automatically.


If you are installing NAtools V1.014 or V1.015 on a Windows XP system, please also download this file which contains an extra file to install, plus instructions. This chicken-and-egg bug will be fixed in a future release !

The Linux-based packages are compressed TAR files for now, but will eventually hopefully be released as RPM package files.


DUTCH*Star DV Node

DV Node (also known as WinDV, as it currently exists for Windows only) is a next-generation implementation of a "D-STAR Hotspot" application. It supports both the "Node Adapter" series of boards as well as the "DV Access Point" and "DV Dongle" series of USB devices. It can connect to reflectors and gateways using either DPlus, DExtra or DCS. It can do D-STAR Callsign Routing through the ircDDB network. Reporting of GPS positions of stations is  handled through the built-in APRS-IS interface. Various data-handling options are now available through the D-Rats interface module.

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For more information on (working with) DV Node, see its support page or use the built-in BugReport feature to report problems and/or requests.

Various tools (by DUTCH*Star)

Some small tools that will eventually be merged into other packages, or form their own package.

DPMon (DPlus Monitor) for Linux (32-bit)  ***BETA*** V1.0.27
DVAP application for Linux (32-bit) ***BETA*** V1.0.18a
These are still here for those who need it... use at your own risk:  
DPMon (DPlus Monitor) for Windows (32-bit)  ***BETA*** (depricated !) V1.0.27
DVAP application for Windows (32-bit)  ***BETA*** (depricated !) V1.0.18a

All of these are in BETA TEST phase- please let us know if strange things happen!

Note that these packages from now on directly support the DExtra protocol (Xreflector) so you can use them to connect to most of the Xreflectors as well as DPlus reflectors and gateways.


PC-Engines ALIX 3D3 Drivers & Tools

ALIX 3d3 GEODE Audio / Video drivers (for Windows) zip
ALIX 3d3 VIA Rhine Ethernet drivers (for Windows) zip


Friendcom FC-301/D Drivers & Tools

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DVAR HotSpot (by Mark McGregor KB9KHM)

DVAR HotSpot (for Windows) V2.50
DVAR HotSpot V2.56 (for Windows) Installer  |  Upgrade
DVAR HotSpot V2.57 (for Windows) Installer  |  Upgrade


DV Dongle and DVAP Dongle (by Robin Cutshaw AA4RC)

DV Dongle Technical Reference V1.00
DVAP Dongle Technical Reference V1.00  V1.01
DV Dongle Software (DVtool) for Windows V2.0beta5
DV Dongle Software (DVtool) for Linux V2.0beta5
DV Dongle Software (DVtool) for Mac V2.0beta5
DVAP Dongle Software (DVAPTool) for Windows V1.04  **UPDATED**
DVAP Dongle Software (DVAPTool) for Linux V1.04  **UPDATED**
DVAP Dongle Software (DVAPTool) for Mac V1.04  **UPDATED**

The firmware files below are believed to be OK, but several reports have reached us where users of these firmware updates found their devices to be "bricked" (rendered unusable) for some reason. 

DVAP Dongle Firmware Updates V1.05  V1.07  **UPDATED**




Various Software

D-STAR Decoder (Jakúb Hruska) V0.3.1 (final release)
DPRS-Interface (by AE5PL) V3.14b04   VJruntime32   VJruntime64

We will do our best to keep these packages up-to-date. If you find one to be outdated, please let us know through the feedback page!


Many people were asking for these, so here they are. Since these were available from various Yahoo! groups before Scott KI4LKF removed them and disappeared, we consider it acceptable to distribute them here as a service to those who are looking for them.

DSTAR Repeater for GMSK Modems V2.93 Windows Linux
DSTAR Gateway D-Extra (R2G2_X) V1.21 README Windows Linux
DSTAR Gateway D-Plus (R2G2_P) README Windows Linux
DSTAR Reflector List in the XREF network README

The files in this section are offered AS-IS, without support, and without any warranty whatsoever. They are unmodified copies from the ones posted on the Open_D-Star group, a few hours before they were removed again. Obviously, ownership of this software remains with Scott, we just make it available here.

We will do our best to keep these packages up-to-date. If you find one to be outdated, please let us know through the feedback page!


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