The Node Adapter

Based on designs from Satoshi Yasuda JK1ZRW, Mark Phillip G7LTT and our own ideas on how to do certain things, the DUTCH*Star CMX589 Node Adapter is a re-implementation of the "full" version of the original Node Adapter design.

The optional PIC processor and related parts are only required for operation as a standalone repeater. These are not required when using the board together with the PC HotSpot software.

The parts that deal with the serial port are only needed if you intend to use the Slow Data software with the board. Only Satoshi's Version 5.XX firmware supports the serial port at this time.

This board will run either the DUTCH*Star HSA firmware, or the original firmware written by Satoshi Yasuda JK1ZRW - in the latter case, it will run Version 4.XX as well as Version 5.XX releases of the firmware, depending on on the jumper settings on the board.

You can order this board in our Web Shop. which is also the place to go to order our firmware for it. A kit is now available as well, containing the PCB itself and all parts that go on it, except for a radio interconnection cable, or an enclosure.

A pre-made Radio Cable is also available, this cable will connect the board to most modern transceivers that feature a PS/2-style ("MiniDIN-6") port labeled "data", "packet" or "tnc".

If you'd like to know more about it, you can download the schematics here, which also includes the BOM (Bill Of Materials, also known as the Parts List) and the parts placement drawing.

The manual (Construction and Reference Manual, version 1.10) can be found here.

This manual describes how to build your board into a working Node Adapter system. It also contains a parts list in case you want to buy your own parts, as well as a detailed parts placement drawing so you can easily what-goes-where. Lastly, it even contains a simple operating manual for those who wish to have all that in a single document.

After building the board, you probably will have to configure it with the parameters for your setup, and do some testing with it before actually using it.

Software tools and drivers for Windows and (CentOS) Linux systems can be downloaded from the Software and Tools page. A graphical version of some of these tools is also included!

The people at the Yahoo! GMSK_DV_NODE group will be more than happy to help you with any problems you might run into- after all, it is the same Node Adapter that is run by many others on that group.

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