Welcome to the DUTCH*Star project !

This website is about D-STAR, and, really, about making your own equipment for the D-STAR communications system for Amateur Radio operators, ranging from simple GMSK node adapters ("modems") to complete transceivers, repeaters and so on.



DUTCH*STAR has moved from The Netherlands to the USA.  All orders after DEC-14 will be
DELAYED until our stock arrives, which is estimated to be 3rd week of FEB !


    Support for the NWRadio ThumbDV USB device is being added to WinDV !

It works fine, but we want to do some internal cleanups before it can be sent out.  Beta copies are available; if you want one, let us know and clearly state your OS version ("Windows 7 Home, 64bit" for example) so we know who's testing what... :)

    WinDV version 1.5.7 has been released, you can find it here !!
      Hopefully, crashes on (bad) GPS data are now gone, and it *should* behave better with DVAP devices now.  Some of the changes in the serial driver didn't quite work out :(


  Its here!

A very small hotspot application for Windows, Linux and Android, running in Console (text) mode !

Can run in the foreground as a standard "desktop" application, but it can also run in the background as a daemon (or, under Windows, as a service.)  Either way, it can be told to show interesting information on an attached LCD if the system supports it.  On our own LCD board, we even added a receiver for an Infrared Remote Control so you can use that to 'control' your hotspot!

More information about ConDV can be found here !


The ConsoleCape board for the BeagleBoneBlack system boards, featuring a 16x2 LCD, 5 user buttons, a battery-backed RTC chip, a temperature sensor and an InfraRed receiver for remote control.  Click here for more info!



A new supply of both UHF and VHF models of the Friendcom FC-301/D data transceivers was received today, hurray!  They go fast, so get one soon!!

You can read about them here !


Raspberry Pi GMSK Add-On Board

A Mini-Hotspot board which you can just click onto your RPi system and have a no-cables, no-hassles D-STAR node !

Click here for more information !

  [MHS-C image]   **** The Mini-Hotspot Rev.C ****

The new kits are IN STOCK, and they can be ordered through the Shop! More information is available here.






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